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Tim and his team have just completed new decking for us and we’re so pleased with the result. Old deck and lots of overgrown bushes/trees cleared, ground levelled and new deck and Venetian fencing installed. The guys were prompt, professional and really nice to deal with. Now we just need to decide what to do with all the extra space!

Racheal Raynolds


Whether its timber or composite decking we have you covered take a look at the advantages of both below. 

Our team consists of three in house joiners with abundant experience using both timber and composite products to create the decking you desire. 

We often accommodate purpose built and unique seating spaces. And can find a solution to most projects.

Start your research by becoming familiar with the pros and cons of wooden or composite Decking.

Tim and his team installed a decking area and children's play area in our garden - they look fantastic and I would not hesitate to recommend them. Very hard working (and quick!), great workmanship and attention to detail, extremely tidy and perhaps most importantly really nice people and easy to work with - Tim has lots of ideas and nothing was too much trouble. We will be using them again for further work to our garden.

Thanks guys!

Louise Hankin

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Composite Decking

Pros of Composite Decking

  • Composite Decking comes in different colors: Unlike wood, composite comes in a huge variation of colors to choose from and therefore there is no need to paint unlike with a wooden decking.

  • Low Maintenance:  with natural wood there is always work that goes into staining, painting and replacing sections that have begun to decay over time. 

  • Pets and Water: Moisture is the perfect home for mold and fungus to grow unlike natural wood, composite wont soak up nasty odors from pets or rain water. 

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Timber Decking

Pros of Timber Decking

  • Budget Friendly: Timber decking in the short run is much more budget friendly. 

  • Natural Look: Timber has a natural warmth that perhaps other decking's cannot offer.

  • Natural qualities:Timber is a natural product and has for 1000's of years been used to build and create all kinds of structures. In our opinion timber offers overall versatility. Its easy to rip, plane and fix in ways that as yet most alternatives cant achieve. 

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